April 20, 2016

Envy Lacquer First Anniversary Trio: Swatch and Review

Hello ladies and gents. Can you believe it's been an entire year since I swatched the very first collection for Envy Lacquer!?! I know I can't. I guess it's true...time flies when you're having fun!

Anyways, on to business! This blog post is dedicated to the Anniversary Trio that Melody is releasing on April 24th. These three gorgeous polishes are glittery, flaky, holo-y yummy goodness! The trio consists of a gold, rose gold and silver polish. See all the deets below. :-)

Up first, Compassion! This is a stunning gold polish. It was the first one that I picked up to swatch, and I didn't know what to do with myself when I put on the first coat and realized it didn't really need a second coat. It went on super easy, and had great coverage. However...in my confounded state, I went ahead and put another coat on. Sooo, here you see two coats with gloss top coat on my index and middle finger, matte top coat on my ring and pinkie. The first photo is under artificial lights in my light box, and the second is a full sun photo.

Envy Lacquer Compassion

Envy Lacquer Compassion - Full Sun

And now...macro goodness!
Envy Lacquer Compassion - Gloss Macro

Envy Lacquer Compassion - Matte Macro

And, who doesn't love a gorgeous, sparkly, holo-y bottle shot?!
Envy Lacquer Compassion - Bottle shot

Up next, Love. This is an absolutely gorgeous rose gold with lots of holo-y goodness (I made that up, and I really like it. Can you tell?) This is easily applied in one coat, maybe a slightly generous coat, but it has awesome coverage. It is shown here with gloss top coat on my index and middle finger, and matte top coat on my ring and pinkie. Shown under artificial lights in my light box in the first photo, full sun in the second.

Envy Lacquer Love

Envy Lacquer Love - Full Sun

 Some more macro goodness...
Envy Lacquer Love - Gloss Macro

Envy Lacquer Love - Matte Macro
 And of course, another sparkly gorgeous bottle shot!
Envy Lacquer Love - Bottle Shot

Last, but most definitely not least is Strength. This is a silver glittery, holo-y beauty. Shown as two coats (pretty sure this one could pass with a single coat as well!) gloss top coat on index and middle finger, matte on ring and pinkie. First two photos are shown under artificial light in my light box, and in full sun. Check her out!

Envy Lacquer Strength
Envy Lacquer Strength - Full Sun

 And now for some more macro gorgeousness...
Envy Lacquer Strength - Gloss Macro

Envy Lacquer Strength - Matte Macro

And one more sparkly bottle shot for the road!
Envy Lacquer Strength - Bottle Shot
Well, there you have it! Three gorgeous polishes to celebrate one full year of fun! Which is your favorite?

Envy Lacquer can be found at the following links: