December 28, 2017

Man Down Again!

Ok, I know I've been quiet since my last post. I had high hopes of getting Part 3 of my Road to Polish Con posts done, but things got hectic and I didn't get to it quickly. I was able to get a few single color manis done, some with accent colors, some accent colors were just put over a worn polish because school + 3 kids + working kind of got crazy! Ha! Here are some of those manis...

First, London's Fog by Fancy Gloss. I forgot to grab this one a while back, so as soon as I got it, it went on my nails! This is one coat. ONE.

London's Fog by Fancy Gloss

Then, I added Peacock Parade by Tonic Polish because I was itching to use it, but didn't have enough time to sit down and redo my whole mani. Holy shift!

London's Fog by Fancy Gloss
With Peacock Parade by Tonic Polish

A super shifty shot of
Peacock Parade by Tonic Polish

This one I've had for a *long* time, but just decided to play with it for the first time recently. Kinetic Copper by Sally Hansen

Kinetic Copper by Sally Hansen

I decided to put on Galaxy Quest by Ever After...stun-ning polish. Just gorgeous!!!

THEN, then...this happened. It was a sad day.

Sad nail.

So, I cut them all down. I can't do that significant of a length difference, and I needed to take some length off anyways... *sigh* Silver lining, right?

Meanwhile, I've done the following!

I managed to snag a new bottle of Cloud Wine from Don Deeva, and MAN am I glad for that! It's everything I wanted the first bottle to be and more!

Cloud Wine by
Don Deeva

Cloud Wine
By Don Deeva again.

This OPI was one of 4 polishes I got from my niece for Christmas. 

I. Love. It. 

OPI Feel the Chemis-Tree. Look at that shimmer!!!

Feel the Chemis-Tree

After the OPI mani, my corners started chipping like crazy. Winter officially took hold of my nails and just...well...they wound up rounded off

Anyways. Stay tuned for my Road To Polish Con: Part 3! Hopefully I'll be able to get it done this weekend!