November 24, 2017

PIC HEAVY...Road To Polish Con - Chicago 2017 Part Two

Hey there again! After my Week 1 RTPC swatch fest, I took some more time to swatch another portion of my RTPC polishes, and let me tell you, these didn't let me down, either!

Once again, all of these polishes are shown with matte top coat on ring and pinkie, and glossy top coat on the others. Most are 2 coats, but I've noted those that are 3 coats. :-) All photos taken in my lightbox.

Ok! Let's start with week 6!

Up first is Supernatural Lacquer Funhouse! Shown in 3 coats, and um, wowza. This polish is *stunning*!!! And the flakies?! Love. Love!

Up next is Scofflaw Charlotte Spinning Stars. I love this one with the silver flakes, holo, blue glitters, and that gorgeous gunmetal color! So pretty.

Last but not least is Leesha's Lacquer Pier Pressure.

I've worn this one once already, but I never got a good enough picture. Black and purple and multi and shimmer...yes please and thank you!

Now...week 7!

First is this super fun holo yellow leaning chartreuse from Alter Ego called Does The Ducky Derby. How fun is this?! Shown using 3 coats.

Next I have Native War Paints and Candied Apples. This gooey warm purple has some *insane* blue shimmer! 3 coats shown gere.

Finally, Painted Polish and From The Pier With Love! Oh. Mygosh. I could NOT wait to get this on my nails!!! This is periwinkle/blurple holo PERFECTION with a gorgeous pink shimmer. I *love* this polish!!!

Week 8 is my final week for this post.

Up first, Don Deeva Mag Money. Green holo. GREEEEEN. Plus there are flakies! 3 coats and so gorgeous!

I only purchased two of the polishes for week 8, do here is my second purchase, Nvr Enuf with Step Right Up! I love this holo red with flakies, and I've had it on for 5 days now :-O!

I hope you'v enjoyed my swatches! Which is your favorite one so far?

Thanks for stopping by!
Stacy B.

November 17, 2017

PIC HEAVY...Road To Polish Con - Chicago 2017 Part One

Oh. My. Goodness, y'all! All my RTPC pretties have been hiding away just sitting around since SEPTEMBER!!! I'm a terrible nail polish addict...

Anyways. I decided that I was going to swatch them all! In one day!

Yeah. One day. Did I mention I have 3 kids ages 7 and under?

Maybe a little too ambitious...what do you think? This pic is only missing one of my RTPC polishes...

Just a wee bit ambitious... haha!

All of these polishes are shown with 2 coats, plus matte top coat on ring and pinkie, and glossy top coat on the others. All photos taken in my lightbox.

I decided to start from the very beginning, and *gasp* I didn't buy any of the Week 1 polishes! (See? Terrible nail polish addict.) So, since I don't have any from Week 1, I'll start with the lonely Week 2 polish that I grabbed!

This is Lavish Polish Meet Me on the Pier. It's a super pretty creamy teal jelly with flakies... gorgeous. But I forgot the macros! 

Up next is Lollipop Posse Lacquer's Cotton Candy Chaos. Oh my goodness this one is so fun! So bright, with all that glittery flaky goodness...and that blue/purple flash! I really love this one.

Next, also from Week 3 is Darling Diva's Chi-Town Divas. This is a super dense burgundy base with TONS of shimmer, holo, flakies, and sparkle. Such a beautiful polish. I wish I could have captured it more accurately.

My one and only Week 4 purchase is grom Anonymous Lacquer. This is Meet Me At The Midway. Oh my sparkly flaky holo goodness. Look. Just look.

Up next are my Week 5 purchases.

First, Cupcake Polish Mystic Blue! This is such a pretty, warm, holo blue!!! I just love it.

Next is Different Dimension Odessy II. Ok. Let me just say that since getting completely lost in this wonderful colorful world that is nail polish, I've rediscovered my love of pink...and this gorgeous pink holo is no exception!!!

Last but absolutely not least, is Glisten & Glow Spirit of Chicago. I'm already a sucker for purple, so I definitely couldn't pass up this purple holo beauty!

Well, that's all for now! I hope you'v enjoyed my swatches. Which one is your favorite?

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