July 15, 2017

A Year In Color: The First Six Months **PIC HEAVY**

Hey all!

First, if you haven't checked out Polished Plumage on Instagram, please do! This was a great idea that she's shared with a group of awesome fellow nail polish lovers, including myself. Each month has a different color theme using a unique hashtag along with #ayearincolor, and it's been fun so far! See the original post with monthly colors listed here.

January became known as #whitejanuary.

The first one was actually part of a mani swap with egyptianmani! I really enjoyed this one.

And the swap collage :-)

This was my first Pats mani for the NFL playoffs, also white for January! 

This one may not be *exactly* white, but oh well! I went to a Wings game, and this was my mani!

February was blue, hence, #bluefebruary.

My second Pats mani

Blue Valentine's Day mani!

Vapid Lacquer Aphrodite

The (oh-so-fitting) color for March was green! And #greenmarch was born!

St. Patrick's Day nails...aaaand, a little bit of my cat. :-)

April brought out all the nudes...#nudeapril

This one was part of a collage a few ladies did in support of a fellow polish lover

The full collage:

Easter Nails! I used lots of Moonflower Polishes on this one.

May wrapped up spring pretty well with #yellowmay, but...I didn't...

I painted...I planned...I broke. *sad*

And the last of the first six months, #violetjune. PURPLE!!! My fave! (It may actually rival #greenmarch in the number of times I painted!)

Some ladies got together for another support mani, and it was beautiful, purpley, love and gorgeousness!

The full collage

Another mani swap mani, this time with dancingshimmers!

The collage

You can also see all of the #ayearincolor posts here! I realize this isn't limited to nails, but it has definitely been enjoyable to me to see all of the different takes. :-) It's not too late to join! We're only about half way through July now, so there's plenty of time to chime in with your mani pics!

Do you like having a challenge or theme to help you come up with design, art, or simple mani ideas? Leave a comment below! Share a link to a favorite mani that you've done in the past!

Thanks for stopping by!

June 30, 2017

...slipping away...again!

Oye. I really need to keep up on this a lot better! It's one of my goals this year to blog a little more, but so far...I'm failing, miserably!

Yes, I'm still painting my nails.

I'm still buying polish like a fiend (ok, not THAT much).

I'm still doing mani swaps, bestie twin nail manis, still participating in polish swaps (and getting some pretty sweet stuff in the process)...but blogging about it has kind of fallen by the wayside as of late. Check out my Instagram feed @mamineedsamani or on the right side of the screen!

However................I'll have a very exciting post in a couple of months. Want to know why?