February 25, 2015

Playing with Julie G and nail guides

In an attempt to continue out of my funk (which is all but gone, now!), I wanted something fun. Something bright. Something...funky and geometric. I really had high hopes for this mani, but I was somewhat disappointed with the outcome. They're pretty, but I should have used a more dense glitter, or a solid color in place of the glitter with the guides.

I used Julie G Fierce & Fab, Wet & Wild Fergie Take the Stage, and Kiss nail guides.

And a close up of the accent nail so that you can actually see the detail! It's a little blurry, sorry!

I will get my hands on some chevron nail vinyls soon!

What is your favorite vinyl design?

February 23, 2015

"For Audrey"

Well, here's my first full mani since Valentine's day! Yeah...I went a whole week with naked nails...or just my Shinespark swatch on. Some polish addict I am!

Anyways. I wanted to get out of a funk that I've been struggling with, and even swatching wasn't really doing anything for me. Usually, if I'm in a funk, swatching will bring me right out of it, and will get the creative juices flowing again. Heh. Not this time. I had to force it!

So, without further ado, meet China Glaze For Audrey, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and some really cute nail gems! I use my Shany #224 plate for the bows. I am loving stamping! A while back, I actually thought stamping was cheating. Psh. I was so wrong!!!

What's your favorite nail art technique?

February 19, 2015

Shinespark Polish - Reveiw

***DISCLAIMER: I received two mini bottles of Shinespark Polish to review. Here you will see one of those polishes, and I have not been compensated for this review.***

Hello, hello! LOOK at this beauty. It starts as this totally soft lavender shade, then you take her out in the sun, and BAM. Purple, baby! But...you'll have to wait a little while. This indie brand isn't launching their first line until February 28 at 11 am CST!

What you see here is three average coats with no top coat. Application was a little bit tricky a couple of times because I tried to over work it and it pulled ever so slightly near my cuticles. However, after the second coat, there weren't any visible divots or lines (aside from the peeled gash in my index finger nail...cries). It dries to a nice matte satin finish with a great shimmer. I love the shift that this polish offers between indoor/shade and sunlight. Now...you can't get it do do this inside. Believe me, I tried. Lamp light? Nope. Energy efficient "bright white" bulbs? Nope. Sun blazing through the window? (I totally thought that would work, but...) Nope, at least not to this degree! It's truly stunning to see it switch right before your eyes. The fact that it's my favorite color is...well, a definite bonus!

Here's a quick macro to show the color detail.

The main factor that I look for in a polish, is color. It's the first thing I see - obviously - and it's the first thing anyone else sees. Second to that would be the finish and/or effects. I've seen thermals, but I've never seen these solar reactive polishes, so this is a definite bonus. I personally try to steer clear of a polish that requires more than two coats, but I always make exceptions to that rule. If I adore the color and finish/effect of the polish, I can look past the number of coats, or the fact that it might be kind of tricky to work with.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this polish! In my next review, I will be playing with a little Mickey glitter mix up from Shinespark as well!

You can find Shinespark Polish online at http://www.shinesparkpolish.com/ or on Instagram @shinesparkpolish

What do you think? What do you look for in a polish? Don't be shy, I don't bite!

February 17, 2015

Now that my FRENZY is over...

Ok, here's the scoop!

If you haven't heard of M Polish yet, you are missing out. This polish is amazing. All of the manis I've seen done with them are absolutely stunning. The launch happened at 9 am EST this morning, and the mini sets were completely sold out in I think 15 minutes! I can't wait to get my grubby paws on these beauties!

I was able to score some of these little mini cuties...check out how adorable they are!

(Pic from the M Polish website)

Now, if you'd like to check them out for yourself, you can find her on Facebook at M Polish, or at her website! Go now! You might be able to get a full size set still!


Exciting Day!!!

Today is super exciting! I've watched this particular indie maker create her nail polish collection from the beginning. She is launching today...and I.CAN'T WAIT!!! However...in an effort to ensure that I actually get a set, I won't be sharing the link until after I check out. Haha! Yes, I'm totally selfish like that sometimes. ;-) Check back soon for the link and pictures of her absolutely gorgeous product!


February 9, 2015

February Mani Swap!

Ok, first actual picture post here! Each month, a lot of the awesome BHB ladies on BabyCenter participate in a mani swap. If you're not sure what that means, read on! Each person is partnered up with another nail enthusiast from the group. We scour each other's Instagram pages and choose a mani to recreate, without telling our partner what we're doing! It's loads of fun, and I think I've only missed a couple of them along the way.

This month I wanted to try to accomplish double duty with my swap mani. See, the weekend I completed it, I was also going to a wild game dinner. I found an absolutely gorgeous stamped mani - which I could use my Winstonia Hunter's Life plate for - and decided to run with it. Below is the finished product! Originals are on the left, recreations are on the right.

This is my final solo shot for the swap. I used Sinful Colors Man Hunt (from the Sinful Shine line) as the base color, and stamped with Essie No Place Like Chrome and my Winstonia Hunter's Life plate. It was so fun!

This was my original recreation. I used Bonita Eat, Drink & Be Scary as the base color, with Essie No Place Like Chrome and Winstonia Hunter's Life plate. It wound up being ruined due to a perfectly timed diaper change! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

February 6, 2015

Welcome to the colorful abyss, from my eyes!

Hello! Yes, me again. I've decided to start documenting my nail adventures this way, too! Yep, that's right. If you follow me on Instagram, are friends with me on Facebook, and know me on Babycenter, you'll probably get sick of seeing my nails all.the.time. :-)

Anyways. This is still very much under construction, so please bear with me as I get everything situated and figured out. In the meantime...

What is your favorite polish brand? Your favorite technique? Are you new to the nail world, or an "old pro"?

I'm so glad you've joined me. I hope you stick around!