July 27, 2015

Envy Lacquer Rock Candy Collection - Swatch and Review

***I was not compensated for this review. 
I purchased these polishes at a discount in exchange
for swatching and review.
This is my review, all opinions are my own.***

Hey there lovelies! I took a bit of a hiatus again and I'm sorry! This is well worth the wait, I promise! You're going to want to get your credit cards ready, and head straight over to Envy Lacquer as soon as possible!!! Today, I will be sharing the Rock Candy Collection with you, which is available for pre-sale right now, fully released on August 1st. Go, go, GO!!!

Rock Candy Collection by Envy Lacquer
Left: Brights Trio; Right: Neutrals Trio

Oooooh. Where do I start, neutrals, or brights??? I'm so TORN!!! Let's start with neutrals.

Neutrals Trio by Envy Lacquer
Top: Unwrap a Kiss; Bottom Left: Nekkid Mocha; Bottom Right; Licorice Whip

The Neutrals Trio consists of a gorgeous smoky black, smooth gray, and gorgeous nude! All with holo micro and bar glitters, as well as mini shreds. Yes, MINI-HOLO-SHREDS!!! They are absolutely stunning! Just look for yourself!

First up, Licorice Whip. This is three super easy coats, gloss top coat on my index and middle finger, matte on my ring and pinkie.

Licorice Whip by Envy Lacquer
Licorice Whip Gloss macro

Licorice Whip Matte macro

Next, Unwrap a Kiss. This one is shown in two coats (one thin, one slightly thick, so prepare for three thin coats), gloss top coat on my index and middle, matte on my ring and pinkie.

Unwrap a Kiss by Envy Lacquer
Unwrap a Kiss Gloss Macro

Unwrap a Kiss Matte Macro

Third in the neutrals trio is Nekkid Mocha. I adore this one. I think it's my favorite of the neutral trio but to be honest...I don't know if I can really choose a favorite. I love them all! This again is three coats, gloss on my index and middle, matte on my ring and pinkie.

Nekkid Mocha by Envy Lacquer
Nekkid Mocha Gloss Macro
Nekkid Mocha Matte Macro

The Brights Trio consists of a yummy neon apple green, aquablue, and gorgeous violet-pink jelly. Again, all of them have micro and bar holo glitter, as well as those delicious mini shreds.

Brights Trio by Envy Lacquer
Top: Zapped Apple; Bottom Left: Blueberry Blizzard; Bottom Right:Razzmatazz

First up, Zapped Apple. I just want to bite it! (Is that weird???) This is three coats, gloss on index and middle, matte on ring and pinkie.

Zapped Apple by Envy Lacquer
Zapped Apple Gloss Macro
Zapped Apple Matte Macro

Next, Blueberry Blizzard. This reminds me of every possible blueberry candy ever. I love it! Again, three coats, gloss on my index and middle, matte on my ring and pinkie.

Blueberry Blizzard by Envy Lacquer
Blueberry Blizzard Gloss Macro
Blueberry Blizzard Matte Macro
Third in the brights trio is Razzmatazz. First, love the name! Second, look how squishy it looks! Such a gorgeous bright fuchsia color! Three coats, gloss on my index and middle, matte on my ring and pinkie.

Razzmatazz by Envy Lacquer
Razzmatazz Gloss Macro
Razzmatazz Matte Macro
So, as you can see...gorgeousness all around!! Go as fast as you can and snag 'em quick!

Find Envy Lacquer!

Polish on, lovelies!


  1. Great review!!! I love your swatches.

  2. Beautiful! I've got to get my hands on the neutrals!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Sloppy Swatches, you won't be disappointed!