October 5, 2015

Galaxy Nails: Envy Lacquer, M Polish

Hello again lovelies! So...let's talk Galaxy nails! Have you done them yet? Are you afraid to try them like I was? Well...let me tell you something! They are so fun and so easy!!! This was my very first attempt at galaxy nails, and I can definitely see myself doing them a lot more often, especially if I keep using Licorice Whip!

For this mani, I used a base of Envy Lacquer Licorice Whip. I sponged on M Polish Apple Blossom, Bells of Ireland, Snowberry and Star Flower. So. Easy. So easy!

Galaxy mani featuring Envy Lacquer Licorice Whip

Galaxy mani featuring Envy Lacquer Licorice Whip and M Polish Starflower

You can find the products I used here:
Envy Lacquer: Website; Facebook; Instagram
M  Polish: Website; Facebook; Instagram

Do you like to do galaxy manis? How often do you do them?
Polish on!


  1. You did an amazing job! I've only done 2 (one a year) and the second time around left me wanting to do another soon!

    1. Thank you! I really want to do another one. I want to try some other colors, though.