January 24, 2018

PIC HEAVY...Road To Polish Con - Chicago 2017 Part Three

Hey there again, lovelies! Man, part 3 has taken way longer than I anticipated. Sorry about that!

Anyways...in this third and final post of my Road To Polish Con swatch fest, I have eight more beauties for you. If you missed Parts One and Two, I'll link them at the end of the post.

For the sake of these swatches, assume they are two coats - unless noted otherwise - plus glossy or matte top coat, all are shot in my light box.

Let's get started with week 9!

Up first is Girly Bits Pier-less Beauty. She's a beauty for sure!

Up next is Fair Maiden Pier Magic. Such a rich green!

Next, rounding out week 9, I have Flapper Girl by Bad Bitch Polish. This one is so fun with all the flakies and glitter!

Just look at those flakies! LOVE.

Starting out my week 10 purchases is Blush Lacquers Tip-Toe the Tight Rope. Oh. My. Goodness. This has so much sparkle, so much shimmer, and so much holo! These pictures definitely don't do it justice!

I just had to get another bottle shot of this one. If you look up by the cap, you can see that beautiful pink shimmer. All over the rest of the bottle...holo goodness!

Next, is Pahlish Sweet Home Chicago. This is a cooler toned bubblegum pink color with some great sparkle added in. It's super delicate and pretty!

Last but not least, week 10's NeverMind Penny Dreadful. You know, I was a little unsure about this polish when I first got it. It's just so different from anything that I own! It shifts from red to orange to yellow with a strong pink shimmer, red flakies and holo! That's a lot! But, I put it on...and I love it. Check it out!

Once the macro lens came out, it was all orange and yellow with a hint of red and pink..

Week 11 starts out with Pretty Jelly Lights & Theatrics. This is a great deep orange-red with a holo punch and pink shimmer. I've already used it a couple of times!

I really do love this one matted. There's a pink shimmer in there that just pops right out!

Week 11 is very well rounded out by this absolutely stunning beauty called The Violet of Chi-Town by Lyn B Designs. It's purple (my favorite). It's sparkly. It's got this insane pink shimmer... I just love it!!! I was wishing I had swatched this one last so I could wear it for a few days, but alas. *sigh*

PHEW! That's a lot of polish (heh. Yeah...that's a lot of polish...not next to my collection it's not!). Be sure to check out Part One and Part Two as well if you haven't already!

Did you purchase any Road to Polish Con colors? Which was your favorite?

I hope you enjoyed my swatches, thanks for stopping by!
Stacy B.

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