January 9, 2016

Christmas Mani Round-Up

Whew! That hiatus lasted a little too long. I will try not to be away so much in the future.

Let me start by saying this: Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! I love winter in general, but Christmas and all that comes along with it just makes it...perfect.

I had big plans. BIG plans to do as many manis as my little heart could squeeze into the month. Sadly...I fell way short. I actually only managed a few that I am classifying as Christmas manis.

First, I'm going to talk about the two manis that I submitted to Nail It! Magazine back in the summer for their winter/Christmas/holiday prompt. One was featured, the other was not. No big deal, I was just excited that one made it since it was my first time submitting something to them!

First up, my stamped Nail It! submission. For this mani, I used Wet 'N Wild Fergie "Mazel Tov Madness" for the base. I then stamped using M Polish Snowberry and CiCi&SiSi plate 08.

Now for my second submission! This one was actually kind of therapeutic to do. Time consuming, but therapeutic. lol Anyways, I started with my base of Zoya Rue (this is quite possibly my favorite nude polish, EVER). Then, I used my Sinful Colors Pride glitter, and fished out all these little red and green pieces, placed them in the shape of a wreath, and drowned them all in top coat.

Now for the rest of them!

First, I got my first F.U.N. Lacquer (!!!). This polish is so pretty. The shiftiness is to die for, and the holo just makes it that much prettier! I do like it, but if the sun would ever show it's beautiful self again, I think I would love it even more!

For this mani, I used F.U.N. Lacquer Unconditional Love (H), and stamped with M Polish Bells of Ireland using BM-S218. Two pictures included to maybe show off that wonderful shift!

Next, I have my first ever Frenzy Polish mani! Man, when I found out Frenzy was releasing a Mockingjay collection, I had to have it. Had to. For this mani, I used Frenzy Polish If We Burn, and stamped with M Polish Cayuga and Winstonia Have A Merry X'Mas.

This mani is the one that I wore for my husband's work Christmas party. I used NYC Fashion Safari for the base, stamped with M Polish Elizabethan using CiCi&SiSi 10.

Technically, I did this one at the end of November, but I'm counting it. ;-) This is Bonita Forget-Me-Not as the base, stamped with M Polish To Have And To Holo using BM-S213. It's not the greatest picture, but I loved this mani!

What's been your favorite mani over the last few months?
Polish on!