March 16, 2015

M Polish!

Ok, so I slacked off for a while there. I posted about buying the M Polish mini set, and never updated! Well let me just say, M Polish is amazing! First of all, I got my order in a matter of a few days, and there was a little hand written thank you note on my invoice. I wanted to tear into them so fast and try them out. However, a very kind, fellow polish enthusiast from the message board I am on contacted me asking if I wanted to swap my minis for her full sizes for just the price difference. Um. YEAH!!! So, I had to ship off my minis, and wait for these beauties to land in my little paws!

Seriously, if you are into stamping, you need these polishes. 5 free. GORGEOUS over black - and any other color, really. They're amazing. If you'd like to see some great reviews and pics before I get around to posting my manis with them, check out some of these great bloggers!

Mama Hearts Polish

The Polished Perspective

Dancer's Polished Life


And of course, you can find M Polish on Facebook at M Polish, or on Instagram at @mpolishes.

So, do you have these beauties? What do you think!?

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