April 14, 2015

PAA - Mani Monday - Color Block

A little while back, I was added to a group of really talented nail ladies. Each Monday, they have a new theme for everyone to base their mani off of. The first week that I participated, the theme was "Color Block". I had been excited to try this method for quite a while, and even though I had done color block before, I had a lot more of a variety of polish to choose from this time. I knew I wanted a dark base, and to use some of my Zoya Pixie Dusts, but that was as far as I had gotten. So...I started going through my polish and grabbed Stevie, Nyx, and Godiva. But what do I use under them?! Dark blue! Yes! Grabbed Pure Ice Party Hard, my base coat, my top coat, and my striping tape and got busy! Silly me forgot that I had purchased Zoya Sailor, or I would have used that instead! Ah well.

So, here is the finished product. I really, really loved how this came out, so I'm anxious to try it with different color combinations!

Have you done any color block manis? What's your favorite color combination?

See you soon!

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