September 29, 2015

Fall Mani - Recreated from Narmai, PiggieLuv

Hey there! So, there's this girl...and I kind of have a major crush on her amazing artistic abilities when it comes to freehand nail art. If you haven't yet, check her out on Instagram, her blog, and Facebook!

Ok, now...I was sent this image by a friend of mine with a simple message of "dooooooo this!!!!!"

Narmai/PiggiLuv's original work.

I giggled at first thinking "man, I don't think I could do that justice at all" but then I thought..."that is gorgeous. I have to try!" I really need some work on my freehand skills, and some acrylic paints, but I do like how this turned out. :-)

For this mani, I used:
Funky Fingers Dark Knight
M Polish Bronze, Copper, Elizabethan and Guilded
Zoya Tomoko

My recreation of Narmai's gorgeous fall mani!

The polishes I used can be found at:
Funky Fingers can be found at Five Below stores
M Polish: Website; Instagram; Facebook
Zoya: Can be found at Ulta and online at

If you aren't following Narmai yet, you are missing out. She is absolutely amazing, so...go check her out! FacebookBlogInstagram

What's your favorite season for nail art?

Polish on!


  1. You did a great job. Very pretty!

  2. I love these so much, you totally nailed it!

  3. So pretty! Perfect interpretation! About 200% times better than I could have done for sure! Nice to see some positivity around her mani too.

    1. Thank you! You should give it a try. I was terrified to take it on because, well...she's just so good, but I wound up liking how it came out.

  4. Beautiful interpretation! I love the metallic leaves.

  5. Christmas is my favourite season for nail art! I think you did a fantastic job recreating this look! Narmai is superhuman!

  6. Love it! I wish I could recreate narmai's manis, she's so talented