September 1, 2015

Push Your Mani August: Stained Glass

Hello! This prompt...ooohhh, this prompt. I had so many ideas that I wanted to try. So many stamps that I had in my head but this one...this one stood out to me. I had to give it a shot, and of course, I had to try out my brand spanking new Cayuga that I got from M Polish! Seriously, if you haven't tried M Polish yet, you are soooooo missing out! I only had to stamp each of my nails one time. ONCE. And it cleaned up like a dream.

This mani is stamped using M Polish Cayuga and CiCi&SiSi 27. I filled all the little nooks and crannies in with ORLY Bling, Digital Glitter and Steal The Spotlight. Love the sparklies in this one. :-)

PYM August: Stained Glass

Have you tried lead lighting, or a negative space stamp? I almost didn't want to cover these up!

Polish on, lovelies!

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