August 7, 2015

Push Your Mani: August!

Hey there again lovelies! Have you seen PushYourMani on Instagram? If not, go check it out! Each month there is a new set of challenges, and they are usually spaced out about three days at a time. Totally doable! (Don't ask me why I can't seem to complete a full month...haha!)

Anyways, click on that there link, go check it out, and join in on the fun! Here is a copy of this month's challenges!

I've managed to do the first two on time this month, and I'm really hoping to keep up on them all this time around!

The first prompt was "Watermelon". I used Orly Sweet Tart (jelly!) and NYC Pink Champagne for just a little bit of shimmer in the jelly. NYC High Line Green, Sally Hansen Lickety Split Lime and Finger Paints Ball Gown Glamour for the rind, and Sally Hansen Black Out for the seeds. This one was fun! If you go back a while on my Instagram feed, you'll see my first watermelon mani which was part of a mani swap. Fun times!

Prompt 1: Watermelon

The second prompt was "Nimbus". I've done one nimubs mani before this one, so it was fun to revisit! For this one, I used Sinful Colors Starfish as the base. I wanted something a little different from the typical white base color that usually gets used, and I toyed around with trying black, but didn't feel quite that brave. ;-) Anyways, all of the colors are M Polish! I used Guilded, Get Lost, Pish Plashin' Around, Dancing In The Street, and Fresh Perspective. It didn't turn out how I pictured, but it's still pretty!

Prompt 2: Nimbus

Are there any monthly challenges that you follow? What are they?

Thanks for stopping by. Polish on!

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